The best T-shirt quality?

Basically, the quality depends on the raw material, and for a t-shirt, the yarn is a crucial element. The yarn made of long-staple cotton such as Supima, Egyptian cotton, or DCH or S-6 can produce an excellent Tshirt.

Then knitting with the appropriate gauge and soft processing treatments can enhance the quality of a t-shirt. Finishing with the right amount of hydrophilic softeners can add super soft handfeel.

The designing part is also essential, but there is no match to a regular basic round neck t-shirt, aka crew neck.


So a t-shirt made of long-staple cotton is the best.

A melange t-shirt is also soft and comfortable.


A polyester t-shirt with functional finishing. Such as moisture-wicking and quick dry.


The fabric should be blended with Spandex.

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